poop deck

The Poop Deck

This harbor front bar/restaurant is very popular with locals and tourists alike.  The star attraction is the freshly caught daily catch.  As you are seated the hostess will walk you past a bed of ice and show you what is available that day.  There is usually a mix of lobster, red snapper and the juicy, meaty hog snapper.  You can select your own fish and have it prepared any way you’d like (grilled, fried, blackened) along with a choice of an array of yummy sides.  Keep in mind that the fresh catch is priced by the pound and isn’t cheap but usually the fish are big enough to share.  Mark and I have often selected a hog snapper that is tough to finish between the two of us.  Fish features strongly on the rest of the menu, including conch specials that they are famous for - Mark says that they have the best conch fritters on the island. There are also a few non-fish options. The Poop Deck also has a popular happy hour and the bar area is always cozy and inviting (it kind of feels like being on a boat).  They also have a lot of unique cocktails if you are a tropical cocktail fan.

The best seats in the house are the tables directly against the exterior wall overlooking the harbor.  Mark and I always head to The Poop Deck and grab one of these tables soon after we arrive in Nassau as it always reminds us of why we love Nassau so much.  The view of the Paradise island bridge in the sunset and watching the steady flow of boats in and out of the harbor while the sea breeze cools you is what island life is about. It does get very busy though so it is highly recommended that you may a reservation and request a harbourfront table.  If you have a large group request a harbourfront corner - they will push the tables together and everyone gets some kind of view.