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If you have any questions the best way to reach us is via email.

If you like to chat with us by phone you can reach us on (904) 607-2473.  Please note that we travel most of the time so may be out of your time zone.  Please leave us a message with your phone number and we will contact you as soon as possible but usually within 24 hours.

If you have questions about availability you can see our calendar (which is always up to date) here.

We love to hear from our current and future guests so please don't hesitate to reach out.

About Us

The Owners

The Cabrelli Family (Lisa-Marie, Mark & Emily).  In 2012 our family took off on a year of adventure.  We had decided that it was time for our (then 8th grader) to see some more the world so we enrolled her in an online school and left for a road trip around Europe. 

We had spent the previous 5 years living in the paradise of Water's Edge and knew that we could not to bear to part with it. We decided that instead we would open our home to guests so that you too could enjoy the outstanding views, warm ocean waters, fabulous snorkeling,  crystal clear fresh water pool, cosy colonial style interiors, breezy heaven that is Water's Edge. Since then we have welcomed hundreds of guests in our villa and Water's Edge, a very friendly home, enjoys every one of you.

Now Emily is off to university and Mark and Lisa-Marie are still traveling, working online and taking advantage of empty weeks to sneak in trips down to their happy place of Water's Edge.

If you have had the opportunity to stay with us you know that our love for Water's Edge extends to our family of guests. We pride ourselves on making sure that you and your families have the most amazing vacation ever in the paradise of The Bahamas. If you haven't stayed with us and want to know what prior guests think, please visit our reviews on Homeaway

If we can answer any questions please do not hesitate to contact us!

The Maintenance Master


Richardson Rolle of Top Builders keeps Water's Edge ticking and looking very pretty.  We met Richie 6 years ago when he created our gorgeous master bathroom.  We recognized a good thing and when the time came to have someone look after Water's Edge inside and out while we weren't there - we knew Richie was our man.  Richie lives on Nassau with his wife and two beautiful daughters and has a team of great guys who look after Water's Edge as though it were their own.

The Housekeeping Queen & Property Manager

Marsha has one of the toughest jobs around.  At 11:00am on a Saturday morning Marsha rushes in to Water's Edge and has until 4:00pm to turn it around.  That means cleaning the house from top to bottom, washing all the linens and adding all of her special little touches before the next guests arrive (her towel swans are amazing).  Marsha was introduced to us by her Aunt (and our much-loved prior housekeeper) Gem - who headed back to Jamaica and recommended her niece Marsha take her place. We are thrilled that Marsha inherited her Aunt's work ethic and skills and joined our special team.

The Pool Guy

If you are swimming on a Monday or a Thursday you may have the good luck to run in to Gareth who keeps the Water's Edge pool sparkly and super clean.  Gareth has been looking after the Water's Edge pool for almost 7 years and we don't know what we would do without him.  (Well actually we do because Lisa-Marie tried to look after the pool herself once and was a miserable failure so without him we would have a horrible pool).


The Driver Extraordinaire

If you have read any of our reviews you will hear lots of raving about Joe.  And with good reason. Joe and his team of drivers can get big groups or small groups anywhere on this island with lots of history, guidance and just general niceness thrown in.  You won't regret giving up the idea of car rental and just handing over your itinerary to Joe.  If you would like to rent a car talk to Joe.  He has great vehicles with great rates for every party size.