Bay Street - Downtown Nassau

Bay Street, the main street of the city of Nassau, is the premier shopping area for millions of tourists who visit New Providence every year. With  very colonial feel, this is the island's oldest thoroughfare and was constructed on reclaimed coastal land. The buildings lining both sides of Bay Street reflect the architecture of the country's history as a British port. Friendly police officers wearing attractive white uniforms provide great photo opportunities. Some of the stores found include such posh places as Gucci, Cole's, and Fendi There are also some excellent local shops featuring leather goods, brass, antiques, linens, beauty products, soaps, and perfumes There are also a number of high-end cigar shops to be found when shopping in Nassau Bahamas Bay Street market.

This is worth a stroll to see the pastel coloured local buildings and architecture. Also, the Straw Market is there. This used to be a bartering market for local straw products but has developed into a touristy, souvenir market.