VIP Last Minute Discounts

How Last Minute Marvels works...

During the year Water's Edge will sometimes have last minute vacancies due to cancellations or seasonal slow periods. As a member of Last Minute Marvels you will have access to amazing last minute discounts on these weeks.

Every Friday you will receive an email that includes any available weeks during the next 5 week period. These weeks will be heavily discounted (30-50%).

The first person to hit the "Claim" button via the email will win access to book that week at a super-exclusive price.  We will email you details on how to make a payment to claim your week.


Why do this?

Water's Edge is a very friendly house and hates to be empty.  We always offer free weeks to family and friends but have decided to expand the offering to our loyal guests.

What is the "Preview" that Elite Members get?

We have guests that come back and stay with us every year who we call our Elite Members.  These members get access to the last-minute availability on a Tuesday evening so have an extra 3 days to claim weeks prior to them becoming available to regular VIP members.

What about hurricane season?

September and October (the height of hurricane season) are beautiful months in The Bahamas.  The ocean and the pool are still very warm but the general temperatures have dropped to the mid 80's.  Although tropical storms and hurricanes are a threat to The Bahamas, Nassau enjoys a uniquely protected position and rarely gets impacted.  We do provide full-refunds for the Water's Edge portion of your stay if you must cancel your reservation due to an official named storm.

What is the payment schedule?

Our normal payment schedule is the full amount due 30 days prior to your check-in date.  As these are heavily discounted last-minute rates payment is due at the time of booking.

What is your cancellation policy?

Once payment has been made we do not refund payment due to cancellations for last minute bookings.  However, we will send a special email to the Last Minute Marvels members and if another guest books your week we will refund you in full.