Hurricane Matthew Upgrades - Part Two

This is Part Two in the Hurricane Matthew series.  You can read Part One here.

Hurricane Matthew wasn't too fond of our patio bar - but that's okay.  We had a few of our own problems with the bar so this was the perfect chance to make it right.

Here's a photo of the bar pre-hurricane (that's me enjoying my morning cup of tea).  Here's what the problems are:

  • That roof is really, really low.  
  • Those big giant pillars blocked most of the view to the patio and the ocean. 
  • Because of an extra high wall to the left of the bar- the bar was a bit dark and gloomy.
  • The floor was boring and the tiles were fading.

Overall the bar looked great in photos but in practicality, it wasn't used very much due to the above.

Here's what the bar looked like after the hurricane.  A large portion of the patio pavers were washed away and that big heavy roof was seriously damaged and had to be removed (in spite of the two extra pillars we placed to try to avoid that issue).

Here's what the bar area looks like now. And here's what we did:

  • Built up the roof height so that no one bumps their head anymore :-)
  • Built a new roof with a little more island style (wait until we install the solar fairy lights!)
  • Built a small patio wall to separate the area from the rear of the property and provide an additional seating option
  • Removed the big heavy pillars and opened up the view
  • Removed the large high wall at the back to provide more light and space
  • Removed the storage area to the right to create a cozy little ocean seating area
  • Installed all new bar patio pavers to distinguish the bar area from the dining area
  • Installed new bar tiles
  • Added new furniture and new lighting for lovely evenings (and great lighting for the grill area)

We'd love to hear any feedback or suggestions - just hit reply. We love hearing from past and future guests.

Part Three will cover the final bits and pieces of renovation and more "after" photos.